Google Apps at Queen Mary's College

Now you can have Google-powered email, calendars, document sharing, and more from your Queen Mary's College student account.

To get started your username will be the same as logging in at College. Your password will be your date of birth, for example 1st August 1995 would be 01081995. If you experience problems logging in please visit IT Support.

What is Google Apps at
Queen Mary's College?

Now you can have Google-powered email, calendars, document sharing, and IM, all from your account.

  Gmail Keep your QMC email address, but use Google’s advanced email interface – without ads. Comes with a powerful spam filter and 7 gigabytes of storage (so you may never have to delete a message again). Calendar Organize your life – keep a calendar for yourself, share calendars with your friends, and subscribe to public calendars to stay on top of events on campus.
MobileWith any web enabled phone students can send and receive email, schedule and retrieve events and reminders from their calendar so they can stay connected! Docs Create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, and download them to your favorite desktop applications. Great for collaborative projects, in and out of class.
Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Google Apps?

    A bridge between our organization and Google products. On one side, we have communication and collaboration needs for our school. On the other side, there are successful, innovative, online personal Google products. Google Apps allows us to embrace the strengths of both sides.

    Google quality, Google connectivity. Our College, our people. Powerful, easy-to-use tools. Communicate via email, instant messaging, and voice calls. Create and share calendar events, documents, and spreadsheets. Access it all from one place - the Start Page.

  • Why are we using Google Apps?

    To bring together essential communication applications. To improve productivity and communication. We can focus on student needs and adding value to the experience while Google focuses on building excellent products, maintaining the feature set, and innovating our communication options for tomorrow.

    Our goal is to offer you a reliable, practical, secure, feature-rich webmail environment. We think Google can help.

    We can focus on the core values of our school, such as student relationships, and let Google leverage its extensive operational experience with security and privacy.

    Our IT staff can utilise an administrative set of APIs to build on top of Google Apps rather than starting from ground zero.

  • How do I get started?

    Visit the student start page at, from you you will be able to login to Google Apps using your username and password

    If you want to visit Google services directly, bookmark the Start Page as your browser's homepage. On the Start Page, you can preview your latest email messages, calendar events, and documents. You can even chat with people on your Contacts list.

    Start Page -
    Email -
    Calendar -
    Docs -

  • What options do I have for accessing email?

    The primary option is webmail -

    It's packed with exciting features and integrated with other Google services. In your online email account, you can chat with your contacts, create filters to organize your inbox before new mail arrives, schedule calendar events, map addresses in your messages, and track postal packages.

    Alternative access options include:

    For specific instructions on how to connect your mobile device to Google Apps visit

For iPhone users follow these instructions

For Blackberry users follow these instructions

For Andriod/HTC users follow these instructions

  • How are the Google services linked together?

    You have one username for all services in the Google Apps package. Once you log in to one service, you can easily access all others.

    Within your email account you can receive invitations for calendar events and to collaborate on documents and spreadsheets.

  • What do I need to know about documents and spreadsheets?

    It's a web-based word processing and spreadsheet application. It can help us collaborate on projects from anywhere. Your documents are stored online. You and anyone you invite to collaborate can access the document from any internet-connected computer, and make changes simultaneously. Multiple people can make changes at once, and everyone's changes show in real-time.

    You can get started right away by creating a new document or by uploading a file from your computer. Since the products are integrated, you can use your email account Contacts list to invite people to view or edit your documents.

    More Tips
    Revision history -- Individual edits are kept so you can see who made changes and revert back, if necessary.
    Search -- Just like the rest of Google products, you can harness the power of Google search to look for a document you haven't edited in months.
    Security and privacy -- You choose who sees your document. Other users can only access your document or spreadsheet if you add them to the list of collaborators or viewers, or if you decide to publish the document.

  • Where can I find more information?

    Help Center:

    Frequently asked questions updated daily by product experts, tutorial videos of key features, user interface screenshots, active discussion groups, and more.